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Griffin: I don’t think I will have a career after this. I’m going to be honest, he broke me

I’m so confused with stars anymore (society in general, maybe?), so here we have Kathy Griffin intentionally jumping on POTUS to draw herself some really good influential status from her fans and the general public, or that was at least the goal.

Griffin’s attorney – Lisa Bloom, the daughter of famed feminist litigator Gloria Allred literally took advantage of this press conference to show her utter dislike for the President, Griffin was already in the hot seat with the majority of the general public but holy shit, this made her look a thousand times more guilty.

Like, how sorry are you when you lawyer up and schedule a press conference to accuse the person you bullied of bullying you back? This is absolute madness, there aren’t any purple hearts for self-inflicted wounds, right?

This press conference was an absolute train wreck from start to finish. Exercising your first amendment right – Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean you won’t face any backlash for your free speech, she learned the hard way that freedom of speech and expression doesn’t mean there are no repercussions to what you say.

In case you have been living under a rock, here’s the photo that initially kicked off Griffin’s unemployment claim:

Is this what D-List celebrities call ‘Art’ – I’ll assume she was looking for some of that ‘In your face, keeping it real’ content that she brags about writing for her fans, the photo was a 5-minute idea, and it essentially cost her a decent career, for now.

For anyone that knows me personally, I am that guy that thrives on women being able to do what men can do, I 100% support equal rights, but when she took off on the “I’m only in trouble and being investigated because I’m a woman” rant, I couldn’t help but laugh, followed by several comments of I’ve dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life. – what in the actual fuck does color have to do with anything?

I’ve dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life.

Kathy Griffin

Without a doubt, I like some sick humor, I like some good jokes, but the reality is, you’re showing a photo of you stood there with the Presidents Head in your hands, the leader of your country, like him or not, he was voted in by the people of the United States of America, it’s that simple. Your actions are going to be seen by the world, and people will demand that you are reprimanded for it. Griffin said she just likes to make people laugh. I struggle to find any amusement in a person being beheaded.

These are the results of a liberal generation raised with the elitism belief that “Hey you have to entertain me but if I step in shit it’s your fault” – and now she wonders how she sank her own career?

I’m only in trouble and being investigated because I’m a woman.

Kathy Griffin

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Kathy Griffin, but holy shit this is a bad publicity stunt, and the fact that all Lisa Bloom did throughout the entire Press Conference was shared her own personal hate for POTUS, the entire conference was an absolute train wreck, the ship sank for the pair today.

I’m sure there were some very excited emotions when Lisa Bloom hit the send button on this one, and not one ounce of thought or planning went into it:

If you want to see the entire press conference:

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