Refugees, more than half of our nation’s governors said no!

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I think it’s safe to say, Syria’s current civil war is easily the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. After a little research online, it’s astonishing to find that more than 11 million people have either died or are being forced out of there homes, the fleeing families are struggling to survive with little to no help, or they die trying to flee to other countries.

Millions upon millions of syrians need help, the U.N claims it will cost 8.4 billion to aid them yet all we see on the news and read online and in the papers is ‘X, Y & Z said no, and so did we’ – what the fuck is wrong with society? Is everyone so brainwashed that they can’t see beyond the TV, beyond their gadget driven web-news?

A incredibly large population of these refugees are innocent human beings, who held jobs and did daily activities just like you and me, and they got dragged into a crisis certainly unwillingly.

Yes it all began in 2011 with Anti-Government demonstrations, bombs destroyed crowded cities, basic necessities and aid became scarce. The majority went to Jordan, Lebanon, Northern Iraq and Turkey. Many refugees are even trying almost suicidal trips across the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey to Greece, hoping to find a better future in Europe.

So they find a new ‘home’ for now, you have to remember they are illegal immigrants, they have to find a way to buy food, pay rent and have basic necessities to live, something you and me take for granted when we get up at 2am to go to the bathroom, or to the kitchen for a chug of milk or crack open an ice cold soda to quench our thirst, just think about it when you agree to close the doors in their faces!

Diseases such as cholera and polio can easily spread and is even more life threatening with scarce medical services. In some areas with the largest refugee populations, water shortages have reached emergency levels; the supply is as low as 30 liters per person per day, that’s one-tenth of what the average American uses.

I understand immigration is an issue, and it is somewhat out of control, but this can happen to any country over a very short period of time, can you imagine if your country was turned upside down with war? Wouldn’t you want another country to let you and/or your family relocate there temporarily whilst things back home were resolved? If you say no, maybe you’re just in denial with yourself, you’re a sheep following the herd. Think about your family and loved ones, think about your future generations.

The biggest fear is ‘terrorists’ – they come and go as they please, they live among us, they work with us, if we can monitor foreigners entering and leaving our countries at other times, why not now?

Refugee Numbers

It’s funny, thanksgiving is this week. And it is true, America was built by immigrants or more specifically, refugees and survived thanks to the help of some Native Americans. Today, we call those refugees another name pilgrims. Like the majority of people fleeing Syria today, America’s pilgrims also wanted to escape undesirable circumstances in their countries once upon a time.

Am I personally for it? Yes I am, I think they need a place to temporarily call home, maybe they can be here for 2 years, maybe 5 but there has to be laws, rules and regulations that are strongly enforced just like anything else! They should be treat like any immigrant, no hand outs from government (the United Kingdom has already made a mess of this and always have), and no benefits. They receive a work visa and go about their lives, if they don’t like that then the only handout they should receive is a heavily discounted ship ticket to transport them back across the water unless they do infact have the funds to pay for a flight of course.

Am I being harsh? Not really, I’m an American immigrant and I get no hand outs, I get no benefits, I can’t claim free medical or housing assistance, food stamps etc and should I not make enough money, I signed the on the dotted line vouching to ‘Support myself and once I cannot, I shall be forced to leave this country’ and although I could have paid to become a citizen 10 years ago, I haven’t done it because I have had no real need to for the most part. Maybe in the near future for retirement and Social Security Income (which I have paid into through working) it would be foolish not to.

This is the reality, this is the boy you shared on Facebook saying how sad and tragic the events were:

Aylan Kurdi

But now you have a different opinion?

Here is an article reporting on this tragic event:

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