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So at a guess, let’s say there’s somewhere around 300 million personal blogs on the internet today. So why the hell does this one exist? Simple really, I like to share my views, interests, and opinions, and to be honest, anything I find of interest really. Criticism goes a long way, so feel free to bark up the right tree if you need to, the comments are at the bottom of the page, anyway this is literally me just sharing my own views and opinions, honestly! Stop being a sheep and step outside your insecure bubble from time to time, it’s pretty fun out here.

I relaunched this blog last year sometime, with a few ideas at hand but honestly, I couldn’t find the energy to share any of it with the digital world, I don’t follow any particular niche, although my usual suspects would be: Gadgets, Photography, Gadgets, Technology, Cars, Gadgets Bikes. And then some other gadgets. And my lovely family will vouch for this, I know I have always driven them insane with it all.

Anyway, so why my own space? I’ve owned this domain since maybe 2001(ish) and it’s hosted a variety of things in its time, both public and private.

To be totally honest, I like to be able to speak my mind and not worry about using wonderful words that offend so many people, I’m efficiently able to use many sexually explicit swear words with just about any combination of words, and believe it or not, I can even attach them to one another, I also proudly boast a wonderful vocabulary of other words, possibly not even known to any other race on earth (OK, maybe I went a little too far with that one).

I almost feel intellectual when I write a paragraph or even reply to someone without using bad language, but it takes all the damn the fun out of it, writing isn’t fun if it isn’t written in the context you would verbalize it with.

I don’t do too well-discussing life stress, depression or issues vocally, but I generally write books on this shit, I often speak before thinking, when I write about something, I have the opportunity to say ‘Sounds good to me!’ or ‘Really? Were you going to share this shit? Erase it immediately and also get rid of the saved revision’

I have so many different ‘hobbies’ – generally, I float around and dabble with the same things, though currently, I’m still (20 years later) heavily into photography, I’m self-taught, so my snaps aren’t anything that would impress the crowd, but I get self-satisfaction from it. I love videography but it can be tedious and time-consuming, many videos I’ve made, be it with the drone, video camera or simply my iPhone have never made it into the video editor, nor been published, why? Because Time is scarce. I also love web design, and IT in general, although it pays so much more than I can make doing what I currently do sadly I can’t do it as a career as I’m not the office/indoor type, I love to be out and about. Firearms – now firearms are fun, but that’s like flowers being fun to women, it’s a no-brainer for most of us lads!

Lee Craven – clearly a tormented man, born and raised in Leeds, England blindly chasing the American dream. Attempting to keep up with technology and gadgets. A commercial demolition operator by day, professional procrastinator by night although when able dabbles in a little programming, web design and photography.

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